Musicology of Record Production

Available Direct from CUP or from Amazon

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There are a series of videos that accompany the book which introduce some of the ideas I have written about:


1. Sonic Cartoons

2. Staging

3. The Ecological Approach to Perception

4. Embodied Cognition

5. What Use Is This Type Of Theory? (available 15th September 2014)

6. Actor Network Theory (available 22nd September 2014)

7. The Systems Approach To Creativity (available 29th September 2014)

8. The Social Construction Of Technology (available 6th October 2014)

9. Creative Abuse (available 13th October 2014)

10. Scripts And Goals (available 20th October 2014)

11. Authenticity (available 27th October 2014)

12. Types Of Capital (available 3rd November 2014)